Bible Yacht Club invites you to take part in the “Round the world sailing regatta on the Holy Scripture”!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Great Lent is fast approaching, and our Bible Yacht Club “Voshod” (“Sunrise”) is about to launch its second “Round the world regatta on the Holy Scripture”!

For those, who are not yet familiar with the club's activities, we'll briefly describe its history, objectives and projects.

The Bible Yacht Club “Voshod” has been established at our church since 2016, and it brings together people willing to fearlessly sail on the ship of the Church to eternity – to the monastery called the Heavenly Kingdom. The purpose of the club is to contribute to spiritual education of its members by reading the Holy Scripture, patristic interpretations and theological commentaries to the biblical texts, as well as participation in the liturgical life of the Church.

According to the club's tradition, every year during Great Lent all the members join the “Round the world sailing regatta” – Grand or Minor – on the Holy Scripture, in other words – read the books of the Old and New Testament, in a certain order, following the established rules of the club. Each participant travels under the name of the yacht invented; in the course of travelling yacht captains keep logbooks and report to the headquarters of the route passed through, whereas the headquarters monitor the coordinates of the yachts and publish weekly rankings. The regatta is over once winners are determined, who are to be awarded spiritually useful prizes for their eagerness, persistence and zeal for the word of God: the winner of the Grand regatta gets a journey to the Holy Land, the winner of the Minor one – a trip to the Orthodox summer camp.

In 2016 participants of the Grand Regatta – adults – fully read all the books of the Bible (or accomplished some part of the route), and the participants of the Minor regatta - mainly children – read the New Testament (except for the book of Revelation) on their own or with the help of parents.

Having so taken the first introductory plunge into the biblical text, this year we are to commence a deeper and more thorough study of the Bible. This time round the volume of the sacred texts offered for reading will be significantly less than it used to be, however, the following additional literature will be recommended to all the members of the Yacht Club as a must-read: interpretations of the Holy Fathers of the Church and theological commentaries on the Holy Scripture.

Thus, all those willing to become closer to God and longing for the life of the world to come, are invited to join the ranks of brave travelers of the Book of Books - the Holy Bible, which has preserved for us the saving words spoken by the Creator and Savior of the world through His prophets and apostles.

More information about the Yacht Club, as well as how to join it, can be found in the section “All about the Yacht Club "Voshod””.

The 2017 rules are available for your consideration in the section “Rules of the Round the world sailing regatta 2017”.

For more information, please, contact the secretary of the Biblical Yacht Club by phone: +7 (495) 799-65-75.

A video of the winners awarding ceremony of the “Round the world sailing regatta on the Holy Scripture” 2016: